Practice with me in Munich

I teach weekly studio classes in some of Munich’s loveliest studios and am always looking forward to meeting new friends. Come say hi and unroll your mat next to mine.

  • Ashtanga Inspired – Mondays, 7:00 – 8:15 at Ronis Yogastudio
  • Vinyasa (in English) – Wednesdays, 18:30-19:45 at Yoga Bee 
  • Advanced Vinyasa (in English) – Thursdays, 20:00-21:15 at Ronis Yogastudio
  • Lazy Sunday morning yoga – Sundays, 11:00-12:15 at Yoga Bee

I am also available for private and small group classes for all levels that we can build together and cater directly to your personal needs. I got you covered in English, Italian or Chinese  – get in touch

For questions about yoga, schedule, upcoming workshops, reserving your private classes or having a bite together, drop me a line at

Please follow my journey on Instagram @yogandbites and stay up to date with upcoming classes on Facebook

My classes

I teach the kind of classes I like to go to: safe, strong, varied, empowering and fun!! Expect creative and flowy sequences, clear instructions, strong focus on alignment and to break a sweat (hello plank!!!)… and a laugh (hello multi-lingual mess!!).

My goal as a teacher is to increase my students‘ understanding of their bodies with the help of the connection with the breath and the awareness that comes from putting one‘s soul and mind into the practice. Every body is a yoga body, but also all bodies look and act differently. Learning to work with our own is the first step into the magic world of the practice.

My style is the result of my studies and takes inspiration from all the teachers, friends, places and experiences that I had the honour (and luck) to encounter in my journey. I have spent the past 6 years of teaching finding my voice that is ever-evolving but stays true to who I am on and off the mat: a real human, messy, awkward and fun.

Yoga styles

Vinyasa Flow: Creative sequences that use fluid movement to bring extra special awareness to the connection between body, breath and mind.

Hatha: Great for beginners and non. Alignment focused practice that builds strength and flexibility, focus and calm of both body and mind. And I love to throw props in. Props are our friends!!

Ashtanga inspired: For those who need grounding through routine. A strong physical practice that turns into moving meditation. I teach led half primary, throwing in alignment instructions to keep the body safe. We hold poses for 5 breaths and it rains vinyasas!

Yin Yoga: Targeting connective tissues/fascia, TCM meridian lines and acupressure points, this slower and deeper practice activates our Parasympathetic Nervous System bringing calm and relaxation to body and mind. Each pose is held between 3 and 10 mins to experience the full effects. Perfect to complement a stronger practice and finding length in the muscles. Some nice ambient music, our favourite props and… relax away!


“Bene’s ashtanga class was the first experience with ashtanga I had ever had. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to include it in my weekly routine! I’ve since tried ashtanga with other teachers and although my passion for it is still there, none quite compare to the wonderful breathing reminders, corrections, and guidance that are given effortlessly throughout the sequence with Bene. Not only are her ashtanga classes amazing but she also teaches a fantastic vinyasa flow that is both challenging and invigorating. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the practice as well as teaching was a great inspiration to me, as I now hope to go on and complete a yoga teacher training in the near future. Bene will be deeply missed by the Freesoul yoga family in Shanghai, but will surely be an asset to any yoga studio that she chooses to move on to next!” Natalie, USA

“I have had the pleasure of attending Bene’s classes. She is a pint sized dynamo of sunny energy and liveliness. I found her classes to be the perfect pick me up after work, or the weekend workout that I didn’t know I needed. She was always very mindful and respectful of her different students needs and abilities.” Shu, Singapore

“I have practiced Yoga with Bene for about 1 year and loved every class! She is teaching a mix between challenging power yoga and mind focused alignments in her unique style without taking herself too seriously. Every class was something new and fun depending on the people attending it and the time of day. I could attend her classes at any stage of mind set or personal condition and was welcomed nevertheless. She taught me how to improve myself and body in a relaxed and gentle way, even increasing my passion for yoga. Thanks Bene, I wish you all the best and hope to be able to practice with you again!” Vreni, Germany

“I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to do yoga with gorgeous Benedetta and strongly recommend this experience to you all. Her passion for food isn’t immediately obvious but you can definitely trust her to know what’s good for you – body and soul. Thank you thank you Bene.” Nora, Bulgaria

“Wishing you great success my love! Practicing yoga with you made me love it in general! Cannot find any close to similar teacher here so I practice at home driven by what you have shown me. Missing you tons xxx” Rali, Bulgaria

“After a long days work Benedetta’s excellent Yoga is wonderful balancing and energizing. Dear Benedetta, with your genius talent and full power you bring the whole benefit of yoga to a very effective hour at Yoga Bee!” Sonja, Germany